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Green Tigers Roar to Victory

 CA CIB Green Tigers Roar

ROARING for Brain Tumour Action

The Credit Agricole CIB’s London Dragon Boat Racing team, the ‘Green Tigers’, braved the choppy river Thames in June to raise funds for our charity.

This is the third year the UK team have picked up the baton from their Hong Kong colleagues to compete at the Marlow Dragon Boat Festival.

Thank you so much – we love the picture!

Family Fun Day

Warm and out of the rain

We had a great day out at Blair Drummond Safari Park despite the wind and rain. Almost everyone who had registered made it, some driving many miles in atrocious weather and arriving drenched and cold. The Blair Drummond staff came up trumps as always and gave us a powerful fan heater in the marquee to warm us up. David, the magician, kept everyone guessing over lunch as he dazzled us with his magic tricks. Most magical of all the sun actually came out in the afternoon and so did the animals!

Rhino jay-walking in the welcome sun.

Running and Cycling to Raise Funds.

Lorna  Completed 25km in Brighton Marathon

Lorna Crawford is fundraising for the John Hopkins Fund and in memory of two friends who died of cancer last year. She has just had her 40th.birthday so she asked all her friends for donations instead of presents. She completed the 25km run in Brighton this month and she is also doing a 200 mile bike ride to Paris later in the year.

Well done, Lorna!











The Colour Purple

Gail Easton

Gail Easton supported one of her local primary schools in fundraising for the Leighanne Easton Fund. She wrote: “Our school had a successful purple day so I popped over to see everyone (as I work at a different school on Tues and Wed) and shocked the kids with how purple I had gone! I love the colour so will be keeping it like this for a wee while; I will let you know when I have the total for today’s efforts.”


Clara’s Contribution

Clara Bernstein

Clara Bernstein ran 10km in the Manchester ‘Run in the Dark’ at the end of 2014 in recognition of the great bravery of her friend Darren Walshaw who was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour last August. He and his wife, Carmel and their two sons have responded to this shocking diagnosis with immense courage which inspired Clara to take on her own challenge in the midst of a busy, final school year preparing for her A levels.

Well done, Clara and thank you so much to you and all your sponsors for making such a generous donation to our charity.


Katherine – you did it! Well done. Hope you’re not too saddle-sore after such a marathon cycle ride. All the money you raised will go into the Leighanne Easton Fund to promote greater awareness and earlier detection of brain tumours in young adults.

Finishing at Ankor Wat

Kathrine Irvings Medal

Judgement Day Tennis

Judgement Day Tennis

Left to right - Euan McGinn, Ian Conway (McGinn's coach), Caleb Duffy, Michael Fleming (umpire), Jonathan Pankhurst, Owen Hadden (Panky's coach)

This is a shortened version of the highly entertaining article just sent to us by Chief Organiser Jonathan Russell. The full text will appear in our next issue of KITE where you will find out exactly how it happened and who won this epic contest. Many thanks to all who helped along the way. It was a fantastic effort on everyone’s part and we’re so grateful for your support.

“They came, they played, they even suffered ice bucket challenges – and they raised more than £1900 for Brain Tumour Action in the process. Two tennis coaches decided to settle a drunken bet on who would win a best-of-three-sets singles match to raise money for the charity. Euan McGinn and Jonathan Pankhurst have been team-mates in their county side for years but when they argued on a night in the pub there was only one way to settle it. And McGinn v Panky – Judgement Day was born. There was even a song recorded which can be heard at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q42zvBanJLo

After the match both players received a trophy to commemorate their day from Caleb Duffy, 10, who has been battling a brain tumour for several years.

Thanks to every single spectator who came down to Giffnock and also to everyone who donated money, either online or at the match. But most of all thanks to the two heroes of the day, Euan McGinn and Jonathan Pankhurst. No idea what you were thinking when you agreed to do this but everyone’s glad you did! Congratulations.”


Seventy three of us met up at Bair Drummond Safari Park on Saturday 31st May for a very special day out in glorious sunshine. Participants came from all over Scotland – Grampian, Strathclyde, Lothian, Fife and the Borders. Everyone, including the Brain Tumour Action team, has been affected directly or indirectly by a brain tumour in our immediate families.

The Blair Drummond staff were absolutely brilliant. They provided a wheelchair-accessible marquee, our own picnic tables, cordoned-off parking area and delicious picnic lunch. Brain Tumour Action brought ball games, an outsized Connect Four, arts and crafts and plenty of young volunteers to help out. The design-your-own wild animal masks were a great hit with all ages – see below! The Brain Tumour Charity which co-financed this event, were represented by Gus Ironside, Operations Manager for Scotland and we are most grateful for his enthusiastic support.

Making Scary Animal Masks
Making Scary Animal Masks

Picnic Lunch in the Marquee
Picnic Lunch in the Marquee …

Picnic Lunch in the Sun
And in the Sun!

For some families this was the first outing they had been able to have together for a long time. Their appreciation – “awesome” “really fun” “it’s been a wonderful day” – made it all worthwhile.


The March Ceilidh held in memory of John Hopkins raised an incredible total of £1,900 for research into glioblastomas.

Presenting the Haddington Ceilidh Cheque

Many thanks to all who contributed by coming along to this brilliant evening which was superbly organised by Irene with support from Janice and Sheila.

Thanks, too, to those who donated generous prizes for the Raffle and to the fantastic support throughout of East Coast Radio.

Look what Andrew did!

Andrew Conlon with his Dad, Michael, and BTA Certificate

Last December Andrew Conlon, aged five, completed the Santa Dash in Glasgow with his Dad, Michael. They made a donation to Brain Tumour Action and we were delighted to present Andrew with a special Certificate to mark his brilliant achievement.

The Marathon to Beat all Marathons!

On towards 2013 miles!

Alison Whitley has been running marathons and other races throughout 2013 in memory of her friend, Susan Green who died last year. She has nearly completed her target of – wait for it – 2013 miles. What an achievement! Many congratulations Ally, from all of us at Brain Tumour Action. We know it’s been incredibly tough at times but you and Stitch just keep going.

Dollar Academy – Sponsored Walk

Rousing Musical Support

Rousing Musical Support from the Pipe Band in Playful Attire

Dollar Academy have been out in the hills – a massive sponsored walk – with Pipers – for Brain Tumour Action. To everyone who took part – thank you so much for your fantastic support and we hope you had a great day!


The four Phillips brothers ran the Edinburgh Marathon to remember their good friend Fergus Hyslop.

Our Team ready to run in Edinburgh marathon

The Phillips brothers getting ready to run .

Here is what they told us:

“Our friend Fergus Hyslop died from an astrocytoma tumour last year. We are running in the Edinburgh Marathon in his memory. We are four brothers from Edinburgh (though two of us live in Hong Kong these days). We all went to Davidsons Mains Primary, and the Royal High School with Ferg. We are ‘Team Ferg’.”

Ready to cheer on TEAM FERG

Two of their supporters getting ready to cheer!

They raised an amazing £2,300. Thank you so much for your brilliant joint effort!

Campaigning at Holyrood

The Cross Party Group on Cancer at the Scottish Parliament.

At the Cross Party Group on Cancer Meeting held in The Scottish Parliament on the 12th of June representatives from Brain Tumour Action spoke about the widespread lack of recognition and understanding of brain tumours which leads to a disturbing variation in patient and carer experiences.

Brain cancer is rare and often not well understood, even within the clinical community. Specialised interventions are needed at various points in the disease process and patients often have very complex needs which places a huge burden on carers. This is often accompanied by feelings of fear, guilt and isolation. The charities and support groups which exist are mostly small and do not receive any central funding.

First-hand accounts given by patient and carer representatives poignantly illustrated the difficulties they have encountered, often over many years.

There is an almost complete lack of wholistic, individualised care programmes and an urgent need to improve communication among clinical providers and social services within the community.

Brain Tumour Action calls on The Scottish Parliament to support their work.

Cross Party brain Tumour Meeting

Hamish Guthrie, Carer and Shanne McNamara, Neuro-oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist addressing The Cross Party Group on Cancer at Holyrood

Our Ongoing Support for Paediatric Research

Representatives from Brain Tumour Action and the Astro Low Grade Glioma Fund met up in London at the Blizard Institute on March 14th. We were given an extremely warm welcome, not to mention both a delicious lunch and tea. The staff gave presentations about their current findings and then took us on a tour of the laboratories where we were able to view some of the work for ourselves.

Alice at the microscope

Alice McGregor looking at samples of brain tissue

The research team, led by the indefatigable Professor Denise Sheer, is studying the epigenetics of childhood low grade brain tumours. We feel greatly privileged to be able to part-fund this groundbreaking work for a second year.

Denise in motion

Denise Sheer introducing us to the study of epigenetics.

If you are reading this then please consider making a donation to Brain Tumour Action so that we can continue our support for their valuable work.

Just think: your generosity now may help to save a child’s life not so far into the future!

Youth and Philanthropy Success!

Royal High School Team

The Winning Team

Five pupils from The Royal High School of Edinburgh were the runners up in their school’s Youth and Philanthropy Programme this session. They became actively involved with the Edinburgh Support Group, attending meetings and interviewing members. They then gave an outstanding final presentation on brain tumours which demonstrated how they impact the lives of patients, their families and friends. We are hugely appreciative of the commitment and maturity with which they got involved in the work of our Charity. Many congratulations to them all for their efforts.

Taking the Message to Holyrood

Minister for Health Visits Our exhibition

Michael Matheson at the BTA stall

Michael Matheson, the Scottish Minister for Public Health, visited our exhibition stand at the Scottish Parliament where we promoted Brain Tumour Awareness Week. See page 3 of our new KITE.

New Booklet Out Now

Our patient support booklet, Radiotherapy for Brain Tumours, has now been fully revised and updated.

Full of useful information it takes the reader through the whole process from planning to completion in clear, comprehensible language.

The New Edition, 2012

It is available on request from Brain Tumour Action and it can also be downloaded from our website. See  Radiotherapy for brain tumours.

We hope you will find it helpful

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